mourning locket redux

This necklace is a redux of an Emily Rothschild design. The substantial locket now hangs on a heavy copper chain which replaces the original lightweight one. In a redesign of a turn of the century mourning locket, photographs of loved ones are replaced by a 2 gig USB flash drive. You will be able to carry your most treasured photos and files around to be shared, or to be kept safe as memories. Rhodium plated brass locket, copper chain, sterling clasp, handmade copper links.

24" long: 61cm
locket 1.5" tall: 4cm

Necklace originally retailed for $240.

$180.00 SALE: $72.00 USD

With a background in art history and curatorial studies and a Masterís degree in Industrial Design from RISD, Emily Rothschild is interested in all things art and design. She aims to identify areas of our lives that are often overlooked in order to create new, lasting, and often humorous design solutions.

Emily is co-founder of Hello! We Are _______., a collective of artists and designers with a range of interests, experiences, and skills. Their projects address issues ranging from broadly social to intimately personal behaviors.

Emily is the recipient of several design awards and her individual and group work has shown in museums and galleries such as the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and Heller Gallery.