flower cuff bracelet

Wildly vivid cuff bracelet by Huichol Indian Art of Mexico. Expertly hand woven from glass seed beads in seven colors. Flowers, which are symbolized here, are used in all Huichol ceremonies. During a healing, the patient's head is anointed with them. Shamens use them to prepare for the deer hunt and during harvest ceremonies, to adorn the new corn.

8" long x 1.75" wide:
25cm x 4.5cm

Wide cuff is suitable for men, or women with large wrists.

$60.00 SALE: $48.00 USD

The Huichols go way back. Their imagery is both singular and universal... eternal.

Such is the way of a culture that has survived centuries of euro-incursion with their peyote rituals intact.

That they still exist is a miracle. Here at Everbrite you'll find fragments of their culture, spirit and soul.

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